Towing Guide: Tips for First-Time Tow Truck Service Customers

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Accidents can happen to anyone, even if you’re a safe driver, because you can’t control other drivers, pedestrians, or the weather. Perth 24-hour towing can help you in your hour of need and Specialized Tilt Tray and Towing offers reliable emergency towing services in Perth. 

The Specialized Tilt Tray and Towing team are known as the best Perth Tow Truck Service Providers. We will assist you regardless of what. We are happy to help you regardless of whether you are grounded due to a flat tyre, or a dead engine. People can panic when something like this happens. By being prepared, you will be able to remain calm even in an emergency. These are some helpful tips if you’re the first to call a 24-hour towing service in Perth. 

Make sure you’re safe 

When your vehicle breaks down, the first thing to do is ensure that you and your vehicle are secure. It is a good idea to move your car to the side. Next, get in the car and switch on the hazard lights. If you’re alone, make sure that the doors are locked. You should not drive your car to the side if you are unable to do so. By doing this, other road users can see your car and seek out an alternate route. It is also a good idea to place flares around your vehicle to mark the perimeter. 

Contact a Perth tow truck company 

Once you’re safe and sound, it is time to contact Specialized Tilt Tray and Towing. Make sure you explain everything to them, so they know how to help. The service providers will ask about your location and inquire about the vehicle’s condition. They may also want to know about fuel availability, obstructions, and the state of the battery. Be sure to answer all questions and provide detailed information so that your service provider can properly prepare and choose the best Perth tow truck for the job. 

This is an excellent time to contact your mechanic when broken down, if needed. They are often grateful for a heads-up that your vehicle will be arriving and instructions to get started with diagnostic procedures. 

While you wait, make sure your hazard light is on and your doors are locked. Staying vigilant can keep you safe. 

Let the service provider do their job 

The tow truck company will arrive at your location as quickly as possible. They will ask for your ID to verify your details. It is important to have your ID ready. If necessary, the expert might also request proof of insurance.  

You will be asked to sign a release form stating that you understand the risks associated with having your car town and that the towing company won’t be held responsible for any unavoidable or unexpected damages. 

After everything is checked, the experts will inspect the vehicle to determine if it can be fixed or taken to an auto shop. If towing is your only option, the vehicle will either be loaded onto the flatbed of the tow truck or pulled along with heavy-duty chain to the shop.  

Find Alternative Transport  

It might be more convenient to ride with the tow truck if you are the only one in your car. If there are others in the car, you might be able to arrange alternative transportation. Call a friend or book a taxi to help you out. 

Perth Tow Truck Options  

There are many options for emergency towing in Perth. It is important to determine the type of towing you need when you require a Perth 24-hour towing provider. This will depend on factors such as your vehicle’s make and model. These towing services are: 

Flatbed Transportation 

Flatbed transportation is a reliable and safe option for towing vehicles. Flatbed towing uses vehicles that safely lift, secure, and transport the vehicle. Flatbed trucks are considered one of most secure and safest ways to transport a vehicle because they are equipped with a four-wheel tie down system. This Perth emergency towing service is available for vehicles of all types, including cars, trucks, utility trucks, SUVs, and other large vehicles. 

Wheel Lift Towing  

Wheel lift towing is an economical way to transport vehicles weighing less than 10 kilos. 

Medium Duty Towing 

To tow vehicles that are heavier than 10K pounds, you can choose medium duty towing. 

Heavy Duty Towing 

Towing large vehicles, such as tankers, is the best option. Transporting the vehicle involves lifting it off the ground and suspending it in air with safer methods. 

Motorcycle Towing 

Motorcycle towing is another specialty of Specialized Tilt Tray and Towing. This service offers reliable transportation. 

It is almost certain that you will find this information useful. Most people have experienced a damaged car in their lifetime. If you have all the information you need, you can meet the challenge without adding to your frustration or discomfort. 

So, if your car breaks down, take a deep breath. Remember that safety is more important than any other thing. Get all the necessary information together and create a plan. Soon you and your car will be in good hands, safe and sound. 

Keep calm, be safe, and be prepared to make your first experience with a tow truck a pleasant one. 


Are you stuck and need roadside assistance in WA 

There’s no need to panic if you get stuck on the side of the road. Take a deep breath and let Specialized Tilt Tray and Towing handle everything for you. Specialized Tilt Tray and Towing offers the best tilt tray tow truck service in Perth and WA, as well as transport for all types of vehicles. Get in touch if you need help! 

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