Tips for Tilt Tray Towing

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Tilt tray towing can be a convenient way to move your vehicle, but it requires proper planning and execution to ensure safety and efficiency. Here are some essential tips for successful tilt tray towing:

Secure Tire Placement

Before starting the towing process, ensure that your vehicle’s tires are firmly positioned. The tilt tray’s tow tips suggest that the tires should lean in the opposite direction of your desired movement. For instance, if you need to go right, point your wheels towards the left.

Check Towing Capacity

It’s crucial to know your vehicle’s towing capacity. You can find this information on the driver’s side door frame or in the owner’s manual. Having enough towing capacity allows for others to drive alongside you, making it easier to move your car to the side of the road if necessary.

Align Wheels Properly

Ensure that all wheels are pointed in the same direction for safe towing. Front-wheel drive vehicles should have their tires pointed towards the front, while rear-wheel drive vehicles should have them pointing towards the back.

Empty Your Car

Make sure your car is empty before towing to reduce its weight and make the process more manageable. This will also help conserve fuel during the towing operation. If there are passengers in the vehicle, have them exit before proceeding.

Secure the Trailer Hitch

Before moving forward, engage the trailer hitch securely on the back of your car and tighten all bolts and screws. This step may require some force but is essential for safe towing. Confirm that the hitch is firmly attached under the vehicle.

Use a Winch

Get your tow truck close to your car and use a winch to pull it out of the lot slowly. When pulling the car out of traffic, drive in reverse to avoid getting stuck. Pay close attention to your movements, neither going too fast nor too slow.

Transmission in Neutral

For safety reasons, put the car’s transmission in neutral after lifting it off the ground. This ensures that the car won’t move unexpectedly when driving out of traffic or into a parking spot.

Coasting Along

If your vehicle is still being pulled by the tow truck after the car is on its way, put the transmission in neutral and let it coast along with the tow truck. Release the brake to avoid getting stuck.

Second Tow Truck

If needed, drive to another location where you can attach another tow truck to pull out your first one. This second tow truck should be able to hook on behind your tow truck and trailer hitch simultaneously, and having a winch will make the process smoother.

Avoid Sudden Braking

Never slam on the brakes, as it puts excessive stress on the tow truck and can lead to loss of control or damage to the car. This can also pose a danger to nearby vehicles.

Be Cautious of Tilt

Tilt your vehicle carefully, ensuring there’s enough room for movement. Avoid tilting it too far, as this might expose the wheels or tires, leading to potential damage to the car or nearby people.

Carry Necessary Tools

Have the right tools on hand to address any issues that may arise during towing. It’s a good idea to keep a winch and shovel ready in case of accidents or challenging weather conditions.

By following these tilt tray towing tips, you can make the process safer and more efficient, ensuring that your vehicle reaches its destination without any complications.

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